Staff & Faculty

The faculty, staff, and board at Providence represent a diverse and gifted group of people committed to carrying out the mission and vision of the school. Our teachers are committed to Jesus Christ, committed to instructing and loving their students, and committed to the vocation of teaching. Our staff and administration support the work of the school and seek to serve people and meet the needs of our student and parent community. Our board members selflessly serve the school in their commitment to carry out the strategic vision of Providence.

Shelby Alford

Grammar School Aide

Peter Anderson

Secondary Biology

Julia Badillo

Finance Director

Sarah Beaudoin

Grammar School Aide

Kristina Berger

Grammar Music, Secondary Teacher

Ranae Biggerstaff

Grammar School Aide

Melana Bontrager

High School Art

Anne Bouckenooghe

Grammar Science

Rollin Bredenberg

Board Member

Laura Brokaw

Librarian, Logic

Carter Butaud

Board Member

Avonna Capestany

First Grade

Anna Cherian

Admissions Aide

Farrar Colto


Erik Day

Board Member - Secretary

Lindsey Elliott

Assistant Athletic Director

Ryan Evans


Jonie French

Administrative Assistant

Faith Gibson


Rachel Goodman


Angie Graham

Grammar School Aide

Lawrence Haft

Board - Vice Chairman

Shavonne Hall

School Nurse

Julie Hansen

Spanish, Latin, English, English & Rhetoric Department Head

Gerrit Hansen

Secondary Teacher

Dave Hatcher

Board Member

Tyler Hatcher

Secondary Principal

Kyla Hatcher

Fundraising Co-Director

Robin Hilt

Choral Music, Band, Drama

Alicia Jekel

Latin, English, Languages Department Head

Ron Johnson

Facility Director

Casey Kaufman

Middle School Art

Nova Kelley

Administrative Assistant

Krystal Kniss

Grammar School Aide

Alice Kniss

Grammar Principal

Kim Knudsen

College Advisor

Julie Koo


Julie Letsche

Sixth Grade

Kristi Luke

Grammar Art

TJ Lukkasson

Dean of Students, Secondary Bible

Mikayla Lukkasson

Grammar School Aide

Anita Lyshol

Admissions Director

Breanna MacGillivray

Secondary English, History

Reagan Marquez

Grammar School Aide

Debbie Metsker

Grammar School Aide

Nathan Morris

Math & Science Department Head, Athletic Director

Reyna Morris

Fundraising Co-Director

Kristin Mowat

Second Grade

Samantha Ness

Grammar School Aide

Glen Ness

Board - Chairman

Jerry Owen

Secondary Bible

Jennie Owen

Grammar Latin

Estera Padineant

Grammar School Aide

Melissa Parks

Fifth Grade

Chan Pedersen

Secondary Teacher

Leslie Poole


Gabe Poole

Board - Treasurer

Katie Reeve

Grammar School Aide

Kayla Ripley

Secondary English, Latin

Lauren Russell


Ann Samuel

Grammar School Aide

Lisa Sandeno

Marketing Director

Joyce Schlimmer


Mirel Schultz

Third Grade

Susan Slagle

Grammar School Aide

Pati Smith

Fourth Grade

Wesley Su

Secondary Math, Logic

Stacey Sykes

Administrative Assistant

Judit Szepessy

Third Grade

Ashleigh Tasche

Secondary Science and Math

Shlomit Thompson

First Grade

Lisa Underwood

Grammar School Aide

Veronica Uriquidi

Grammar School Aide

Jill Walsh

Math, Study Skills

Robert Welch

Secondary Math

Jennifer Wier

Fifth Grade

Nicole Wisler

Grammar School Aide

Mattie Worley

Curriculum Director

Michael Worley

Secondary Academic Dean, Rhetoric, History Dept. Head