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“Our primary goal is to teach students to love what is lovely, to think and act biblically, and to pursue academic excellence in joyful submission to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ryan Evans,  Headmaster

Classical education - Timeless, holistic, proven

Classical education has been around since the Greeks and Romans and trained many of the greatest thinkers, but it’s just as effective and needed today.

While modern educational trends promote ideological tolerance, multiculturalism, and freedom of choice, classical education trains students how to think and reason persuasively and cultivates a life-long love of learning. Combined with the true wisdom found in Jesus Christ, students are prepared for any area of study they choose, not just a few.

Classical education uses a three-part system (“the trivium”) that teaches grammar, logic, and rhetoric in a way that matches how children learn best in each grade. Students gain knowledge, then understanding, and finally wisdom in accordance with their maturing abilities.

Classical education transcends grades, programs, and even the goal of preparing students for college so they can pursue truth through critical thought and seek beauty and goodness to become more like Christ.

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What Do You Love Most About Providence?

Kat Kowalick - Alumni, Class of 2016

Thoughts on Community at Providence

Wesley Su - Alumni, Class of 2016

  • “Providence encourages a culture of leadership, morality, and respect for fellow students and staff. This truly was the best-kept secret and we now share our love for this school with everyone with school-age kids! It has blessed our family immensely, and the growth in my four enrolled students at Providence has been remarkable.”

    Brook Backholm, Providence Parent
  • “It was my pleasure to guide a group of Providence students through a backstage tour of our production of the Nutcracker. I was so impressed with the behavior of these young adults. They were poised, confident, friendly, engaging, extremely polite, and I must say, very well dressed. We have all known some awkward youths, youths uncomfortable meeting the gaze of an elder, mumbling mono-syllabic answers to a question, etc. These young adults were none of that.”

    Janet Jamieson, Group Sales Manager, Pacific Northwest Ballet
  • “We were very blessed by the Providence work team. The secondary students were delightful, hard-working, easy to direct, polite, diligent and fun to get to know a little bit. Thank you for sending a detachment our way and serving us with cheerful hearts, even in the rain.”

    Jonathan Nichols, Owner, Filbert Acres
  • “Providence is a step above most other private schools in the area academically... Also, they are unapologetic about being thoroughly Christian in every aspect, which was important to our family.”

    J.R. Willet,Providence Parent
  • “I had the pleasure of working with, and guiding, a 3rd and a 5th grade class tour of the State Capitol March 2014. They not only had much prior knowledge but also were well versed in respectful behavior. Because of the teachers' expectations and the parents' guidance as well, the trip was exceedingly meaningful, fun and deserving of my praise and congratulations to all from your school.”

    Gery Gerst, Tour Guide, Olympia Capitol Building