All the world, we are told by Shakespeare, is a stage. And while Jaques may be more than a little cynical in his view of humanity and its drama of life, we at Providence affirm the significance of recognizing that our lives are but scenes in God’s pageant of history. Is it any wonder that our place in the great drama of redemption finds one important expression on the stage? At Providence we seek to portray on stage truths which bring to life the reality of the world we live in–its beauty, pain, laughter, fear, heroism, foolishness, tragedy, and joy.

We seek to produce shows that provide opportunities for both educating the students and edifying the audience. Whether it’s Shakespeare, adaptations of Dickens and Hugo, comedy, drama, or musical, the aim is learning, as actors and audience, just what it means to be human. Students learn self-discipline, teamwork, physical movement, stage presence, voice control, even a little dance! Those on the other side of the footlights are hopefully given the chance to laugh or cry or simply be moved in a way that only theater is able to do.

Learn how high school students may letter in drama.

2022 High School Musical Production:

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Providence High School Drama presents Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!

Audiences of all ages will enjoy this “tale as old as time,” a show full of enchantment and themes of transformation, sacrifice, and redemption.

Past Performances

2016 - Little Women

2013 - Oz Tick-Tock

2012 Taming the Shrew

2011- Les Miserables

2010 - Dilettante's Dilemma

2009 - make believe

2008 - On the Razzle

2007 - Our Mutual Friend

2006 - Twelfth night