The goal of education is to “address the whole student, his emotional and spiritual sides as well as his rational”, according to David Hicks in his book, Norms and Nobility. This is much easier said than done, particularly in a culture that tends to devalue such aims.

Challenging curriculum

High expectations are crucial for a school that adheres to noble norms. Children don’t achieve high standards apart from high expectations. At Providence, we have a rigorous, classical curriculum that sets the academic bar at a high and achievable level. When students work hard in an environment that is structured, challenging, and filled with support and encouragement, they can thrive and achieve at high levels. With coursework rich is math, science, and the liberal arts, students develop into readers and thinkers about all areas of life. Our small student-teacher ratio ensures that teachers are able to work with each student, learning to see them as individuals created in the image of God.

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There is hardly a more religious activity that we as parents are involved in than the education of our children. We have conformed everything about Providence to the Word of God—the school’s existence, the philosophy of teaching, and the selection of our curriculum. As Abraham Kupyer famously said, “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry: Mine!” Jesus Christ is the Lord of our hearts and He’s the Lord of everything: poetry, mathematics, history, economics, politics, chemistry, athletics and literature.

All subjects are taught from a biblical worldview with Christ at the center of all learning. We select and develop curriculum to teach children how to think, speak, write, and live in such a persuasive way as to out-think this present culture in whatever discipline he or she might later pursue and to be able to do so self-consciously as Christians.

How Providence students perform

While we don’t build our curriculum with a view to higher SAT scores, we are confident that will be the case. As they graduate, Providence seniors regularly score in the top 20% of SAT scores nationwide—higher than other nearby schools—and more than 22% of students are recognized as National Merit scholars, semifinalists, or scholars.

Current School Year Profile

SAT Scores

Providence (2011-2015) Washington State* United States*
SAT Reading 622 510 497
SAT Math 610 518 513
SAT Writing 618 491 487
SAT Total 1850 1519 1497

*According to

National Merit scholars

(No. of students)
National Merit Scholar 1
National Merit Finalist 1 1
Commended Students 7 1