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Seeking Parental Wisdom

Wading through the assortment of Christian parenting books can be overwhelming. Some are great, some dubious, others downright subversive. Making it even harder is that many books don’t meet standards of Scriptural fidelity. Below are helpful books, recommended for their… Read More

Why Handwriting is More Important Than Ever

In an age of keyboards, touchscreens, and voice-to-text, handwriting is more important than ever. Handwriting gives an avenue for thought not provided by any other form of communication with the writer himself often being the first recipient of that communication…. Read More

Guiding Children to Humility and Wisdom

I’m a fan of Christmas annual letters, with one caveat: those excessive letters that heap glowing helpings of Jimmy’s basketball exploits, Sally’s unparalleled success in gymnastics, and Harrison’s sheer brilliance in spelling and math. Never do we read, “Betsy barely… Read More

Choose the Old: Favorite and Recommended Books

C.S Lewis writes in Undeceptions, “If one has to choose between reading the new books and reading the old, one must choose the old: not because they are necessarily better but because they contain precisely those truths of which our own… Read More

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