Secondary Class Resources

School supplies

For grades 7-12, please see the secondary school supply list.

Secondary Summer Reading

Teachers have taken great care in creating specialized book lists for each grade level. Primary considerations in creating the lists include appropriateness of content, level of challenge, and overall fit with each grade level curriculum. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to read books they haven’t previously read. All books listed are the unabridged editions.

Since some books are read throughout our curriculum, students should refrain from reading from the Reserved Book Lists below. This will avoid frustrations for both student and teacher when those books are read in class. Parents, however, are strongly encouraged to read from this list to better familiarize themselves with the books their children will be reading throughout the school year.

Grand Tour

Providence’s upcoming seniors are provided the privilege of the Grand Tour in order to experience and encounter first-hand some of the most important cities, art, architecture and history of their western and Christian heritage.

College planning

It’s never too early to think about and plan for a student entering college. We have a variety of information and guidance as well as a college guidance counselor to help you make an informed decision.