Golf Marathon

Golfers and non-golfers are invited to our annual Golf Marathon to help raise funds to support families in need who want to send their kids to Providence. Each fall, parent and staff participants raise a minimum of $700 and $250 for Providence seniors, friends, and grandparents. Then they enjoy a day of golf trying to complete as many holes as possible in a limited time with lots of creative games to shake up the competition.

2020 Golf Marathon

Anyone can sign up to participate in this annual fundraising event! You don’t need to be a seasoned (or even good) golfer to participate.

Our 2020 event was a success for our Financial Aid Fund and we were incredibly blessed by the 50+ folks that came out to Echo Falls Golf Course to golf and volunteer for the event. It was a great day of fun, fellowship, and fabulous fundraising! Through their efforts, we raised more than $28,000 during this one day event — that is amazing!

Thank You to our Event Sponsor, THRIVENT, as well as Woodruff Sawyer (Insurance options for your family from Michael Reph); Trinity Church; Chris Butaud of Cleveland Street Mortgage; Uncle Peteza’s; Greenridge Landscape; Lund Orthodontics; Specialty Eyecare Group; Rife Golf; and Floyd, Plueger, & Ringer Northwest Trial Attorneys for sponsoring this annual event! Please support the businesses that support our school when you have the opportunity.

If you’d like to be a sponsor next year, please check out the 2020 sponsorship and advertising opportunities for reference.

We are so thankful to God for blessing this event and making it a success. We never forget we labor for Him.