Fundraisers and Volunteering

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who labor do so in vain (Psalm 127:1). The Lord has been faithful in answering prayers and building a community of families who serve the school since it was founded in 1997. Providence relies on the financial support and involvement of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends to operate our school, keep tuition affordable, and make a difference for our students.

Volunteering at the School

Parents, families, and alumni are critical to the success of students and the education process. We always encourage them to volunteer at the school and be as much a part of our school life as possible. Simply talking with your children about what they are learning in class encourages their growth and learning. You can also serve the classroom by preparing materials, chaperoning events, and much more. The Parent/Teacher Fellowship (PTF) also provides a way for parents to play an essential and vital part of building up the entire school community.

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There are three main fundraising events every year: Jog-a-thon, Golf Marathon, and Auction. Everyone gets involved—grammar students, secondary students, teachers, parents, and friends also help set up, raise donations, operate the events, and cheer on each every student. These are all-school events and bring together the community of Providence each year.

We’d love your help, whether sponsoring an event, helping with set up, or any other ways that you can participate.

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