Secondary Retreat

Every year as we begin the new school year, the secondary students and their teachers, along with a few parent volunteers, spend a few days in September together at one of our state parks for extra-curricular activity and fellowship. Historically, it is one of the highlights of the school year for all the secondary students, as it gives students and teachers a chance to interact in a different environment and in different ways than they do at school.

This time is designed to be a retreat from the ordinary, a respite from typical school instruction, usual forms of entertainment, and the regular distractions of junior high and high school life. Our intent is to spend time getting to know one another better and to enjoy activities which are outside of our everyday experience. Some highlights of the trip include the food, games, hikes, special classes taught by the teachers, team-builders, and our annual talent show.

It is also the venue for one of our formal house competitions, leading up to the awarding of the House Cup in the Spring.