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Why Read Books?

“Why read books?” A question which only decades ago would have been asked facetiously if at all has become increasingly relevant and serious in our digital age. Studies show that young people are giving up reading books in greater numbers,… Read More

Developing Resilience in Your Children

Seattle Seahawks coach extraordinaire Pete Carroll has identified one indispensible trait in football players: grit. Carroll considers this trait—also described as passionate perseverance or resilience—as important as athletic ability. If grit is as fundamental to success on the gridiron as… Read More

Developing Thankfulness in Your Children

Whether we call this gratitude or contentment, we can all admit that much of our daily attitude is determined by whether or not we have an internal sense of thankfulness for God’s provision and sustenance. In his classic book, The… Read More

Working on Character with your Children

If you had to name some character issues you are working on with your children, could you do it? Years ago I was speaking with a mother about a discipline matter with her son, and I asked her about the… Read More

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