Why We Wear Uniforms

Written by Maddy Ferguson on September 30th, 2015

Whether you have been a student at Providence for many years, or are new to the school,  fitting in because of what type of clothing you wear is a non-issue.  Since students are all dressed similarly, it is easier for them to move beyond what a person is wearing to who a person is as a fellow human created in the image of Christ. It also helps them to focus more completely on what they are called to do in the classroom.


Uniforms take the guess work out of what to wear each day—no more angst about the need to fit in, to stand out, to make a splash or to make a statement.  Everybody looks good all day, every day.  Yes, the uniform skirts and logo items are initially expensive, but purchasing   a few changes of skirts, blouses, pants, and shirts is, at the end of the day, far less expensive than purchasing name-brand clothes and/or styles that are often popular for a single season.  The skirts, as well as the logo items, are of high quality, and students are able to wear them for many years.

In the same way that sports teams show their unity by wearing a common uniform, so we, at Providence, manifest our identity as members of a Christ-centered learning community by proudly wearing the Providence uniform.  Go Highlanders!