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Raising Honest Children in a Cheating Culture

In his book, The Cheating Culture, author David Callahan cites an incredible study: in a survey of almost 200 top athletes, more than half indicated they would take a drug that would help them win every competition for a five-year… Read More

The Truth About Santa

December 6th was the commemoration of St. Nicholas of Myra, who died on that day in 342 AD. This ancient Greek Christian bishop from Asia Minor is one of the main inspirations behind the modern Santa Claus myth. A Santa… Read More

Disciplining by Discipling

We’ve seen in the news recently that classroom discipline is lacking in many schools.  Often schools let students get away with unthinkable acts in the classroom, as we saw recently when one student beat up a teacher and another student… Read More

Classical Christian Education: The Imperative

Chuck Colson was the featured speaker at the Association of Classical Christian Schools conference in June 2009 in Atlanta. The conference was entitled “Building On a Firm Foundation,” and Colson’s message was called “Classical Christian Education: The Imperative.”   Copyright… Read More

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