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The Truth About Santa

December 6th was the commemoration of St. Nicholas of Myra, who died on that day in 342 AD. This ancient Greek Christian bishop from Asia Minor is one of the main inspirations behind the modern Santa Claus myth. A Santa… Read More

Alumni’s Thoughts on Graduating

Graduating is hard. Everyone says that graduation is so great, that you feel so good once high school is over, and that you finally get to know what freedom feels like. But, for me, the reality is that I’m about… Read More

Why a House System Instead of an ASB?

Though fans of Harry Potter will be familiar with the house system, many may not realize that the system dates back hundreds of years to when schools in England first implemented houses to promote loyalty, competition, and camaraderie. At Providence,… Read More

Making a Joyful Noise at Providence

Whether you’re considering Providence for your child, or trying to get to know us as a family or friend of the school, you may wonder what kind of music program we have and what makes it unique. The Westminster catechism… Read More

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