New Faces at Providence This Year

Written by Alicia Scott on September 24th, 2014

The beginning of the new school year heralded a new journey, a new adventure,  and for Providence, a new location. The Lord blessed the community with a fabulous, beautiful new building in which to grow and learn. To aide in this process, the Providence community welcomed new teachers for the 2014-2015 school year: Stephanie Robertstad, Beth Schlaegel, Mattie Butaud, and Debra Mason (as pictured in photo left to right).


Kindergarten | Mrs. Beth Schlaegel

Beth Schlaegel comes to Providence from a vast teaching career from private, Christian schools, as well as equipped with a Master of Education degree. Excited about teaching the Kindergarten class, Beth looks forward to helping the little ones become excellent students by laying the groundwork of sitting still, paying attention, and loving their neighbors.

6th Grade | Ms. Mattie Butaud

As a Providence alumna, Mattie Butaud brings a knowledge and understanding to the 6th grade students. Her ability to connect with students is through firsthand experience. Having gone through the process, Mattie is able relate to students how the classical model works. She is also able to capture the attention of the students when, for example, she describes her favorite book from when she was in 6th grade at Providence. Her rigorous education at Hillsdale College also prepared her for the classroom setting.

Art | Debra Mason

Walking through the new art room at Providence gives students an instant glimpse of God’s beauty and creative work through new art teacher, Debra Mason’s artistic decorating touch. From a mannequin with a paper map dress to a 3-dimensional board game display on the wall, Debra’s room sparkles with creativity. Debra draws not only from her own love of art but also from her experience in both the professional realm of graphic and interior design and 35 years as an Art Specialist.

Literature | Mrs. Stephanie Robertstad

Coming to Providence from Dallas, Texas, Stephanie Robertstad enjoys teaching literature and writing to the 11th and 12th grade students — the other bookend with Beth. At the close of their secondary academic careers, these students are a treat for Stephanie to train up for the college rigors and expectations. Having a graduate degree in the humanities coupled with over a decade of teaching experience aides Stephanie in the demands of teaching upper high school students.

If you happen across one of the new teachers, please introduce yourself… perhaps even a couple of times! These ladies are learning a lot of new people, including their students.