Christian Culture and Discipleship

The term “Christian” isn’t simply part of our school’s name – Christian principles, behaviors, and living are part of all aspects of Providence. We use a discipleship model through our curriculum, activities, community, teachers, and families to help students develop tender hearts, sharp minds, and biblical discernment. Our goal is not to simply teach them facts, skills, knowledge, and ideas about the Bible and the world in a one-time event. Rather, we strive to come alongside students and their families and train them up as true believers in Christ for the rest of their lives, to love what is lovely, to think and act biblically, and to pursue academic excellence in joyful submission to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Every Providence family attends a Christian church (we have over 55 churches represented at the school) and shares the core values of educating their children in the fear and admonition of God’s Word. This creates a school culture of healthy peer relationships, where students of all ages love and encourage each other to love and good deeds; communal activities and traditions; and high academic and behavior standards that reflect the common values outlined in God’s Word.

Walk the halls at Providence and you’ll see students of all ages interacting. Peek in on another day and you’ll see seniors eating lunch with 1st graders or 6th graders opening car doors for kindergartners in the pick-up line.


The final goal of a Providence education is not a mere transfer of ideas but the training up of Godly young men and women with renewed minds (Romans 12:1-2) and servant hearts (Philippians 2:5-8). When both parents and teachers are like-minded in their desire to teach children from a distinctively biblical world and life view, the partnership can flourish.