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Equipping Students to Speak Publicly

If popular reports are to be believed, the fear of public speaking tops the list of common phobias; even death is apparently less frightening than standing in front of a crowd and proclaiming one’s thoughts aloud. Certainly most people have… Read More

Why Study Latin?

Latin is the ancient language originally used in the central region of Italy once called Latium, where Rome is located. As Rome’s empire grew to include most of Europe and vast portions Asia and Africa, the Romans’ native tongue, Latin,… Read More

Setting Aside Our Plans

Someone who was not a teacher once looked at one of my lesson plans and asked a bit skeptically, “Do you plan out every minute of every class, and does it really go the way you have it written down… Read More

The Lost Purpose of Education

How many Christian parents would list “getting into a good college” as the number one priority for their child’s K-12 education? My guess is that few parents would rank this at the top of such a list. Yet sadly, this… Read More

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