The Value of Providence

Written by Lisa Sandeno on June 8th, 2020

Providence Board Vice-Chairman, Dr. Haft, recently wrote to our school community, sharing his reflections of the value of Providence. His eloquent words echo many others of those who share our vision of cultivating virtuous scholars.

Greetings from the Providence Board. Congratulations to our graduating seniors and kudos to parents, teachers, and staff who have all worked overtime, helping our students to thrive in a very challenging year. 

In these tumultuous times we’ve all had cause to reflect on the value of Providence, both as a school for our own kids, and as a redeeming light in our community.

A couple of recent anecdotes have re-enforced my confidence in the school on both counts. As I write this, my daughter (class of 2017) is in the living room with two of her friends from Providence doing a Bible study. Lest you think they walked on water at an early age, I can assure you, they did not. Yet one of the great wonders of my life has been to watch as God used the community of believers at Providence to do his sanctifying working in our daughter and her friends. They are lovely young women, better than I would have ever dared hope a few years ago. They think well and express themselves clearly. There is a discernible light in their eyes. They have great plans to serve and honor God. My wife Elaine and I give Providence a large share of the earthly credit.

Skip ahead a few stages of life and you’ll find Providence graduates who are godly men and women, well educated, articulate, serving and loving their families and communities. We now have a second generation of Providence students. I recently interviewed one grad, a software engineer, who spoke thoughtfully, with real insight, into what it means to be a Christian in an increasingly secular world. What a delight it is to see that what we’ve been doing here bears such excellent fruit.

Training our kids to live well, and to fulfill God’s mandates in a fallen world, is clearly part of God’s mission for Providence. Each of these grads spent years at the school, persevering through the hard spots in their lives. The development of Christian character happens only slowly and requires consistent nurturing. Above all else, Providence strives to do this.

We have built a strong foundation for scores of students over more than 20 years. Our athletes have been commended by opposing coaches and won championships, even a state championship. Our coaches have been named coach of the year, even the best in the state. Our scholars have received national merit recognition and awards; one was named the best student in his University of Washington class.

If you share our vision, not only for your own kids but also for our community, we thank you for staying with us through this difficult season. Tell your friends and neighbors: We have something really valuable here. It, too, should be nurtured. Help us redeem the time. Be part of our community of believers as we train up a new generation.  

Lawrence R. Haft, MD

Vice-Chairman, Providence Board