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Two Left Feet? You’re Qualified

If I scanned ahead, I would stop reading this article too. So don’t. Stick with me for a moment. You love your family. You love your kids. You don’t like dancing, especially in public. Does that sound about right? If… Read More

The Benefits of Being a Multisport Athlete

At Providence we delight in kids who love to play sports. Some students will pick one sport and dedicate themselves to that one sport. We applaud student athletes who are committed to one sport and push themselves to excellence in… Read More

Striving To Be A Christian Theater Director

A well-known set designer and Seattle Pacific University theater professor, Dr. Don Yanik, shared a story with me about a director he worked with. A question was posed to the director: who are the top five Christian theater directors? The… Read More

I’m Just a Pre-K Enrichment Teacher

I used to say “I’m just a Pre-K Enrichment Teacher” when someone asked what my job is. I hear others say it when they refer to their early-childhood education jobs: just a preschool teacher, just a stay-at-home-mom, just a daycare… Read More

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