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The Excitement of Summer Reading

It’s early September, 2016. A crowd of energetic first graders gathers before the reception desk, talking excitedly. At first glance, you may think the kids are talking about their vacation trips or new LEGOs purchased over the summer. But no:… Read More

Wonder and the Purpose of Science

One of the great and lofty claims of the classical method of education is that it produces students who love learning. Yes, we as their educators hope they love to read excellent works of literature; we hope they are fascinated… Read More

History in Classical Education

I’ve known rivers. Ancient, dusky rivers. My soul has grown deep like the rivers. American poet Langston Hughes wrote those words while riding a train across the Mississippi River. He was only seventeen. Today, we remember Langston Hughes as a… Read More

Senior Thesis – A Test of Character

Part of what keeps me sane is that while life is linear, it is also cyclical. When the days grow short and dark, I know Christmas is near; and as the school year grows long–and uniform hemlines a little short–I… Read More

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