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Why Study Latin?

Latin is the ancient language originally used in the central region of Italy once called Latium, where Rome is located. As Rome’s empire grew to include most of Europe and vast portions Asia and Africa, the Romans’ native tongue, Latin,… Read More

Developing Resilience in Your Children

Seattle Seahawks coach extraordinaire Pete Carroll has identified one indispensible trait in football players: grit. Carroll considers this trait—also described as passionate perseverance or resilience—as important as athletic ability. If grit is as fundamental to success on the gridiron as… Read More

Setting Aside Our Plans

Someone who was not a teacher once looked at one of my lesson plans and asked a bit skeptically, “Do you plan out every minute of every class, and does it really go the way you have it written down… Read More

Two Left Feet? You’re Qualified

If I scanned ahead, I would stop reading this article too. So don’t. Stick with me for a moment. You love your family. You love your kids. You don’t like dancing, especially in public. Does that sound about right? If… Read More

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