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Promoting Reading in 2022

One of our central goals as a school is to inculcate a love of learning and a love of reading in our students. While we lack a magic formula to build a reader, we do have some helpful methods to… Read More

Community as Essential

The mental health crises caused by COVID isolation has spurred the demand for in-person learning across all education levels. The long-term impacts on mental and spiritual health led our governor to declare in-person instruction a state of emergency. Of course,… Read More

Principles and Methods Part 2

In Principles and Methods Part 1, we alluded to this month’s edition, where we would glean wisdom from pastors in the Providence community. As a reminder, as parents we can agree on various principles or outcomes we desire in our… Read More

Principles and Methods Part 1

I’ve taught a study skills course to 7th graders for nearly fifteen years. As we focus on organization skills, my advice is simple: Find something that works. There are lots of strategies and systems to stay organized, but if the… Read More

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