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Prepared for College, but not “College Prep”

One of Providence’s central goals is the cultivation of character and virtue in our students. We have a rigorous curriculum that trains students how to think intelligently and pursue academic excellence, but ultimately the number one priority for our graduates… Read More

Why a House System Instead of an ASB?

Though fans of Harry Potter will be familiar with the house system, many may not realize that the system dates back hundreds of years to when schools in England first implemented houses to promote loyalty, competition, and camaraderie. At Providence,… Read More

Disciplining by Discipling

We’ve seen in the news recently that classroom discipline is lacking in many schools.  Often schools let students get away with unthinkable acts in the classroom, as we saw recently when one student beat up a teacher and another student… Read More

Our New School Building in Kirkland, WA

In 2001, Providence moved into the Lynnwood school location from Bellevue. At that time, the facility offered more space than we needed. Since then, enrollment has grown to the point that we’ve been actively seeking new facility options for the… Read More

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