Two Left Feet? You’re Qualified

Written by Andrew Weiseth on February 6th, 2017

If I scanned ahead, I would stop reading this article too. So don’t. Stick with me for a moment. You love your family. You love your kids. You don’t like dancing, especially in public. Does that sound about right? If so, same here. But, what if it was all guided? What if everyone was figuring it out with you? Dads, what if your daughter got to dance with her daddy? What if your son saw you leading in this way? Moms, what if you took a “risk” and made some great memories with your family?

I don’t want to get syrupy, but like you, dancing is not how I want to spend my evening. But, maybe once a year, we could all go out on a limb (a very safe one at that) and take our families out for a night of fun-filled dance instruction.

Our very own, Julie Letsche does a fantastic job of guiding us all through the steps of the songs. Forget about looking funny, everyone else is so busy coordinating their own twinkle toes that the laughter and levity keep the night light and carefree. And, like me, you might just admit you had a great time by the end of it.

Maybe you have read this far and wondered what my problem is. You love dancing. Well, all the better! This night is a load of fun regardless of what spot on the spectrum your boogie-disposition begins.

For those new to Providence, or just looking into it for the first time, this time provides a great glimpse into the family feel our school is known for. If you still feel your two left feet can’t cut it, there are always a good number of parents and teachers in the side area chatting away. They will be very understanding when you feel a sudden need to jump out and dance. See our video here to get a glimpse of the fun evening ahead once you are part of the Providence community.