Reformation Day at Providence: From a 10th Grader

Written by Madison Marshall on October 13th, 2016

October 31st is a different kind of celebration for the staff and students of Providence. While many people dress up as ghosts or pop stars on that day, the Providence building is filled with princesses, knights, and even the occasional dragon.

Traditionally, October 31st is called Halloween and celebrates scary monsters, but at Providence, it is called Reformation Day and celebrates the reformers who changed the Christian world for the better. This includes the stories of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Wycliffe. The Reformation occurred during the 16th century, a time filled with Catholic falsehoods. The brave reformers of this time had to oppose these deceptions and try to change the opinion of millions of people all over Europe.

Providence celebrates this special day to show respect for the reformers but also to respect the God whom those reformers defended. Halloween traditionally celebrates demons and haunted things, which directly opposes our beliefs at Providence, and since the Reformation began on October 31st as well, our celebration is the perfect substitution.

Providence students and staff patiently wait for this exciting day, filled with games, baked goods, and even poetry. Of course, everyone enjoys dressing up and eating a 16th century feast, but they also enjoy the great tales of the brave reformers who came before them and changed the Christian world forever. Reformation Day is not only celebrated at Providence, but relished and remembered every year.