Parent/Teacher Conferences

As part of partnering with you in your child’s education, we hold parent/teacher conferences twice a year. They are a critical time to discuss your child’s strengths and suggest ways the school can partner with you to help them throughout the school year. Find your child’s teachers below and follow the links to view available times and sign up for a conference.

Conferences will take place Thursday, November 4th from 12:30pm to 7:00pm and Friday, November 5th from 7:30am to 4:00pm.  

Signups Close Wednesday, November 3rd at 3:30pm.

Grammar (PreK – 6th Grade)

Grade/Teacher Signup Link
Pre-K (Blue), Mrs. Joyce Schlimmer Conference with Mrs. Schlimmer
Pre-K (Green), Mrs. Tina Petersen Conference with Mrs. Petersen
3-Day Kindergarten, Mrs. Julie Koo Conference with Mrs. Koo
5-Day Kindergarten, Miss Meagan McPhetridge Conference with Miss McPhetridge
1st Grade, Mrs. Shlomit Thompson Conference with Mrs. Thompson
1st Grade, Mrs. Reyna Morris Conference with Mrs. Morris
2nd Grade, Mrs. Mikayla Lukkasson Conference with Mrs. Lukkasson
3rd Grade, Miss Kendall DeKerlegand Conference with Miss DeKerlegand
4th Grade, Mrs. Pati Smith Conference with Mrs. Smith
5th Grade, Mrs. Jennifer Wier, Mrs. Kathleen Pierce, Mrs. Ashleigh Tasche Conference with Mrs. Wier, Mrs. Pierce, and Mrs. Tasche
6th Grade, Mrs. Julie Letsche Conference with Mrs. Letsche
Latin (4th & 5th), Mrs. Jennie Owen Conference with Mrs. Owen
Latin (6th), Miss Jordan Anderson Conference with Miss Anderson
Grammar Music and Band, Mrs. Robin Hilt Conference with Mrs. Hilt
Grammar Art, Mrs. Kristi Luke Conference with Mrs. Luke
Science, Mrs. Anne Bouckenooghe Conference with Mrs. Bouckenooghe


Secondary (7th – 12th Grade)

Subject/Teacher Signup Link
Miss Jordan Anderson: Latin IB (7th, 8th) Conference with Miss Anderson
Mrs. Melana Bontrager: Art (9th-12th) Conference with Mrs. Bontrager
Mrs. Laura Brokaw: Logic (7th) Conference with Mrs. Brokaw
Mrs. Julia Cherian: History (8th, 9th) Conference with Mrs. Cherian
Mr. Daniel Corey: Bible (8th) Conference with Mr. Corey
Mrs. Julie Hansen: Latin IA (7th), Spanish (9th, 10th), English (12th) Conference with Mrs. Hansen
Mrs. Kyla Hatcher: Geography (7th), English (8th, 11th) Conference with Mrs. Hatcher
Mrs. Robin Hilt: Music and Band (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) Conference with Mrs. Hilt
Mrs. Alicia Jekel: Latin 2 (8th), Latin (9th, 10th), English (10th) Conference with Mrs. Jekel
Mrs. Casey Kaufman: Art (8th) Conference with Mrs. Kaufman
Mrs. TJ Lukkasson: Bible (7th, 9th, 11th) Conference with Mr. Lukkasson
Mr. Matthew Morris: Math (8th Algebra, 9th Geometry, 12th Calculus), Science (7th) Conference with Mr. Matthew Morris
Mr. Nathan Morris: Science (9th, 11th Chemistry, 12th Physics), Math (10th Algebra II) Conference with Mr. Nathan Morris
Mr. Mark Olsen: English (7th), Biology (10th), Rhetoric (11th), History (12th) Conference with Mr. Olsen
Mr. Jerry Owen: Bible (10th) Conference with Mr. Owen
Mrs. Jill Walsh: Math (8th Algebra, 11th Pre-Calculus) Conference with Mrs. Walsh
Mr. Robert Welch: Pre-Algebra (7th) Conference with Mr. Welch
Mrs. Mattie Worley: Math (7th Pre-Algebra), Logic (8th), English (9th) Conference with Mrs. Worley
Mr. Michael Worley: History (10th, 11th), Rhetoric (12th) Conference with Mr. Worley