Ten Reasons to Attend the Providence Open House

Written by Kitty England on January 6th, 2016

A new year brings many important decisions, but few more important than where your children will attend school.  January and February are particularly important months as parents and students evaluate the competitive advantages of schools in the area and make decisions that will impact their family for years to come.


With this in mind, I would like to offer you the top 10 reasons why you and your family should RSVP to attend Providence Classical Christian School’s upcoming Open House on January 29, 2015.

  1. It’s an experience.  Providence’s annual Open House allows parents and students alike to experience firsthand the awesome power of the classical method with live demonstrations by current Providence students.
  2. It’s unique: Providence’s annual open house is unlike any other open house you’ve ever attended.  Unlike other open houses which consist of a tour during the school day with little to no interaction with students, parents, teachers, or curriculum, Providence’s open house combines all of these features into a one of kind experience you will not soon forget.
  3. It’s Convenient: Providence hosts its open house in the evening when parents are off work and students are out of school.  This allows us to tailor the experience more individually through planned student presentations, curriculum displays, and informal opportunities for talking with teachers and meeting students.
  4. It’s comprehensive: Providence employs a developmentally sensitive classical methodology tailored to the different stages of student growth and learning.  We call this method the Trivium, which is comprised of the arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  At the open house, we put some of the aspects of this method on display with student presentations of sentence diagramming and scripture recitation.  We also showcase the fine arts with student displays of original artwork and musical performances.
  5. It’s an opportunity:  Even if you are a parent at Providence, attending the annual open house provides opportunities for you to meet the teacher of the grade your child will be attending in the fall.  In addition, you will get a sneak peak at the classroom environment, the books your child will read, and the subject matter unique to that grade level.  Finally, open house is an opportunity for you to see what is in store for your child as he or she progresses on through the school at different levels.
  6. It’s Informative: Packed with information, you will come away enlightened and inspired as you learn about the classical method, the stages of the Trivium, the philosophy driving the success, and the vision of integrating faith and learning.  You will also have questions answered such as “Why should I send my child to a private Christian school? What is unique about Providence? Is sending my child to Providence worth the investment?  Do we qualify for tuition assistance?”
  7. It’s Social: The Providence community is a vibrant and family friendly environment.  We like to hang out with each other and find excuses to do this as often as possible.  Open House is a great time for meeting new people and connecting with old friends.
  8. It’s Refreshing: You can expect not just to come away with a feast for your mind, but you can also expect some tasty refreshments graciously provided by our parents.
  9. It’s a Beautiful Site:  It will be a good chance to see our new location in Kirkland; we just moved here the summer 2014.
  10. It’s Fun:  Need I say more?