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Laura Brokaw

Laura became involved with Providence Community back in 2007 when her son attended kindergarten. She started working as the school librarian in 2017 and began teaching a Logic class 2019. Laura and her husband, David, have 3 children: two Providence… Read More

TJ Lukkasson

TJ Lukkasson, born on the tropical island of Guam but a PNW native at heart, is a graduate from Northwest University in Kirkland, WA with a major in Pastoral Ministry. Prior to that, he lived on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula…. Read More

Melana Bontrager

Melana is originally from the Pacific Northwest, and because of her love of travel and her pursuit of education, she has additionally lived in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Melana is a working artist; her art is greatly… Read More

Casey Kaufman

Native to the Pacific Northwest, Casey is an active artist, mother, and wife. With a life-long interest and exploration in art, she’s devoted the past 3 years learning to draw and paint. She has utilized online and local art classes,… Read More

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