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The Lost Purpose of Education

How many Christian parents would list “getting into a good college” as the number one priority for their child’s K-12 education? My guess is that few parents would rank this at the top of such a list. Yet sadly, this… Read More

I’m Just a Pre-K Enrichment Teacher

I used to say “I’m just a Pre-K Enrichment Teacher” when someone asked what my job is. I hear others say it when they refer to their early-childhood education jobs: just a preschool teacher, just a stay-at-home-mom, just a daycare… Read More

New Staff at Providence: 2016-17

This school year started with a flood, the possibility of moving north next year, and many new families at Providence. We also have the joy of welcoming five new teachers: Mrs. Cynthia Plante, Mrs. Brook Backholm, Mrs. Jentry Day, Mrs. Lisa Sandeno,… Read More

Class of 2016 Valedictorian: Speech by Dan Jekel

Mrs. Young looked more grave than usual. It was right about the beginning of the year, and in those days rhetoric always seemed overcast. We weren’t used to waking up and thinking about school first thing in the morning, and… Read More

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