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Principles and Methods Part 2

In Principles and Methods Part 1, we alluded to this month’s edition, where we would glean wisdom from pastors in the Providence community. As a reminder, as parents we can agree on various principles or outcomes we desire in our… Read More

Principles and Methods Part 1

I’ve taught a study skills course to 7th graders for nearly fifteen years. As we focus on organization skills, my advice is simple: Find something that works. There are lots of strategies and systems to stay organized, but if the… Read More

Worldview at School

It’s a phrase repeated often at Providence: “There is no neutrality in education.” Whether explicitly or implicitly, every educational system promotes a distinctive worldview in every area of life, including our doctrine of God, sin, virtue, morality, family, and vocation…. Read More

Truth and the Rise of the Modern Self

Teaching truth today is more challenging than ever. We live in a topsy-turvy world, where up is down, right it wrong, and good is evil. Our children are growing up in a world our grandparents could never have imagined. As… Read More

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