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Senior Thesis – A Test of Character

Part of what keeps me sane is that while life is linear, it is also cyclical. When the days grow short and dark, I know Christmas is near; and as the school year grows long–and uniform hemlines a little short–I… Read More

The Stormy Years of Middle School

Middle school students rarely know what they want to do with their lives. Oh, they think they know, and they will tell you, quite emphatically, what they absolutely want to do. And next week they will give you a completely… Read More

The Key to Good Teaching

“In the end is my beginning.” –T. S.Eliot, “East Coker” At Providence Classical Christian School we know that good teachers make what they do look easy, when anyone who has tried, really tried, to be a good—or better yet—a great… Read More

Developing Humility in your Children

The intention in my blogs this year as we explore how to teach our children Godly character is not to cover an exhaustive list of traits, but to focus on a few and provide practical strategies to help teach our… Read More

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