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Traveling Can Change Your Life

Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Anyone who has traveled knows the truth in this saying – traveling to other parts of the world turns pages, opens… Read More

Why Read Books?

“Why read books?” A question which only decades ago would have been asked facetiously if at all has become increasingly relevant and serious in our digital age. Studies show that young people are giving up reading books in greater numbers,… Read More

Equipping Students to Speak Publicly

If popular reports are to be believed, the fear of public speaking tops the list of common phobias; even death is apparently less frightening than standing in front of a crowd and proclaiming one’s thoughts aloud. Certainly most people have… Read More

Behind the Scenes on Reformation Day at Providence

If you walk into Providence’s building this year on the morning of October 30 expecting to see students sporting their usual Providence blue and green, you may be surprised.  Instead of trim uniforms and dressy shoes, you discover colorful costumes… Read More

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