Providence’s boys’ and girls’ basketball program covers both middle school and high school levels. The middle school season runs November through January, while the high school season runs from November through February.

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Boys – High school

Boys – Middle school


Girls – Middle school

Praise for Coach Elliott by the president of the Cascade School League:

Lindsey Elliott has been one of the rising stars in our league and I’m writing to let you know of her tireless effort, dedication, and extraordinary coaching. …I enjoy watching Lindsey coach because her enthusiasm is contagious and, as competitive as she is, she coaches with great passion but she also does it with love! …And there are life lessons that are learned in the athletic arena that stay with the young athletes for a lifetime. …When I see the team-oriented and dignified way in which all Lindsey’s athletes take the court, the way they play for each other, not to mention always fighting hard, you have to give the person who makes it all happen a lot of credit for the success.