All Providence families share the same core beliefs in the Bible, and it’s visible in the school culture: healthy peer relationships across grades, community activities and traditions that involve students and families, and high academic and behavior standards. This culture and a Providence education influence students’ SAT scores and shape how they think and act at school and in the world around us.

Here’s how parents and the local community describe the results in their own words.

“Providence does not simply slap a Jesus sticker on their curriculum; rather, every subject is permeated by the practical teaching and application of God's Word. Our kids are challenged to achieve the highest standards in academics as well as in conduct. We truly feel we are partners in our children's education and have no doubt that our kids are getting an excellent foundation for their future schooling and their lives ahead.”

C.B., Parent

“Providence provides the winning combination of high academic standards, biblical worldview, and Christian community. Providence immediately felt like home and turned our ideals into reality. Our three sons are thriving at Providence. We enjoy hearing about their daily adventures in classic literature, Latin, history, math, art, music, grammar, and about all of their fun interactions with their friends and teachers. We only dreamed that our family dinnertime chats could be this much fun! ”

Lisa Sandeno, Providence Parent

“Providence is a step above most other private schools in the area academically... Also, they are unapologetic about being thoroughly Christian in every aspect, which was important to our family.”

J.R.W., Parent

“It all started with a postcard. In trying to juggle the needs of a teenager with those of a preschooler, we had decided to home school our younger child until the older one graduated from high school. Then we’d assess the situation and decide our next step. As the time to make a decision about our little one drew near, we prayed about what to do next. The answer came in the mail. Some home schooling friends had placed their eldest daughter at PCCS for a time--and liked what they found here. When school staff asked parents for the names of people who might be interested in attending an informational open house, our friends told them about us. Hence, we received the life-changing “Providence Postcard.” “What? Where?” My husband was skeptical about this little school of which he had never heard. Nine years later, he is just not skeptical—he’s on the PCCS board of directors. And he may be one of the school’s biggest cheerleaders. In addition to receiving a great education, our daughter has made fabulous friends, observed parents, students and teachers who exemplify Christian character, and learned to play a wicked game of volleyball. With gray hair spray and lots of make up, she’s also perfected the role of “little old lady” in two outstanding Providence stage plays. She’s learned to sing, too. Providence is a small, but exemplary, school. We are so glad that our friends shared our names with the Providence folks and that we attended that long-ago open house. We can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Elaine Haft, Providence Parent

“We were very blessed by the Providence work team. The secondary students were delightful, hard-working, easy to direct, polite, diligent and fun to get to know a little bit. Thank you for sending a detachment our way and serving us with cheerful hearts, even in the rain.”

Jonathan Nichols,  Owner, Filbert Acres

“I am a high school soccer referee and I have had the pleasure of working with the Providence Classical Christian boys' team a few times over the last couple of years. I was blessed to be a part of the referee crew in the State Championship game on Saturday night. The boys are as gracious and classy in defeat as they are in victory and they are a true reflection of the men who coach their team. I have come to know coaches England, Morris, and Moisant and they truly represent the values of which you speak on your website. Unfortunately, that cannot always be said of other Christian institutions. The boys compete at a high level, yet they constantly exhibit a high level of sportsmanship. The life victories they achieve are so much greater than what a scoreboard shows at the end of the game. You should be proud of the accomplishments of this group of men, not just as competitors, but as true Christian sportsmen. Congratulations on having this exemplary group of ambassadors for Providence Classical Christian School!”

Referee,  State soccer playoffs

“Once again you and your class were an absolute delight to have at the library! Your students charmed every staff member they encountered with their incredible good behavior, attentiveness, and seamless ability to follow directions. We all cheer and applaud you! I'm already looking forward to next year's visit. Thank you for being a stellar teacher with stellar students.”

Mie-Mie Wu,  King County Library System, Bothell

“I had the pleasure of working with, and guiding, a 3rd and a 5th grade class tour of the State Capitol... They not only had much prior knowledge but also were well-versed in respectful behavior. Because of the teachers' expectations and the parents' guidance as well, the trip was exceedingly meaningful, fun, and deserving of my praise and congratulations to all from your school.”

Gery Gerst,  Tour Guide, Olympia Capitol Building

“It was my pleasure to guide a group of Providence students through a backstage tour of our production of the Nutcracker. I was so impressed with the behavior of these young adults. They were poised, confident, friendly, engaging, extremely polite, and I must say, very well dressed. We have all known some awkward youths, youths uncomfortable meeting the gaze of an elder, mumbling mono-syllabic answers to a question, etc. These young adults were none of that.”

Janet Jamieson,  Group Sales Manager, Pacific Northwest Ballet

“The size of the school and its classrooms make it feel like a family. You will know a lot of other families who have children in the school because of that. The teachers are so dedicated in providing the best care and teaching and lessons to the children. We trust our precious kids to the hands of the teachers, as we see how loving and caring of them to our kids, in and out of the classrooms. They provide a safe place for our kids to grow and be nurtured, academically and spiritually. If you are looking for a bible based school, then I think PCCS is your best place.”

Jipto Lin,  Providence Parent

“Providence encourages a culture of leadership, morality, and respect for fellow students and staff. This truly was the best-kept secret and we now share our love for this school with everyone with school-age kids! It has blessed our family immensely, and the growth in my four enrolled students at Providence has been remarkable.”

B.B., Parent

“My son attends school here and the teaching staff has always been excellent. They work with the families and are attentive to each individual child's challenges and needs. I believe my son has been very successful because of these qualities. He enjoys his classmates and looks forward to school. Reading is encouraged and it is made fun. My son is an outdoor boy and he loves to read and finds it challenging. For instance, during the summer they have a reading Bingo, he loves filling in the blanks with a book and he is looking forward to the pizza party for a blackout. I am happy with the classical Christian education and rigorous demands of the study. I think it's a nice balance between studying and free time. He is learning from the beginning to get in the habit of homework, which I hope will be useful as he ages. My son is very active and can meet the demands of studying and playing a sport every season, which is a perfect fit for us.”

Sheryl Jump,  Providence Parent

“I cannot possibly describe with words what an amazing school this is! We have had children there for 5 years and are always blown away by the excellence of the staff, teachers, and other families. Our children are not only given a quality, classical education, but they are being taught to fear and serve the Lord in and through all of their subjects. Furthermore, the culture at the school is like a big family where everyone treats each other kindly and respectfully, with purposeful interaction among students and teachers of different ages. Our family is incredibly blessed by this school and looking forward to many more years there.”

Heather Landsberger,  Providence Parent

“We have two children at Providence. Initially what attracted our family to the school was the classical education. The school stresses logic and reasoning which is sorely lacking in today's educational system. The academic standards are rigorous and the curriculum incorporates God's perspective in all things. The class sizes are small enough for students to get individual attention. We love that the students wear uniforms and the entire 200 plus student body has Psalm sing at the beginning of each school day. If that wasn't enough, what truly makes this school unique is the feel! Older students interact with younger ones like they are part of a big family. Boys open doors, and girls are snack servants. Teachers are engaging and have command of the classroom. There is tremendous parent participation and camaraderie. Faculty, administration and the Board either have children or have had children that attend school so there is an added level of investment. I highly recommend visiting a class and you will immediately notice what makes this school special! Providence is truly a different kind of Christian school!”

Larry Badillo,  Providence Parent

“I want to express my deepest appreciation to you and your school ("our school" now) for the over-the-top excellent education and educational environment you provided for our two sons this year. Providence has been a godsend for our family. Our most formidable challenge over the past several years has been finding an environment where families have high expectations for their children, where students desire to achieve, where purity is embraced, and where diligence and industry are encouraged. Providence provided all of this. We've been so impressed with the character development of our two sons and their classmates during the course of this year.”

The Hansen Family, Providence Parents