Family Partnership

What is Providence Seeking in a Family Partnership?

Families committed to Christ

Our families value our commitment to Christ in all we do. Our school motto means “To the glory of God alone.” Children memorize Bible passages regularly and are taught to live according to them. We often hear from parents how encouraged they are that their children are learning the same principles at school that they learn at home and at church. Because of the foundational habits of family worship and Sabbath renewal, attendance of a local Christian church is a requirement for all Providence families. In fact, Providence families collectively attend over sixty local churches! When family, school, and church all reinforce similar goals, we accomplish our purpose for our children: not simple head knowledge, but a living and active faith that takes root in speech and action, from a heart trained to seek and honor the Lord.

Children marked by joyful obedience

Our standards within the school are loving and structured. We believe all children are created in the image of God and we deeply respect the uniqueness of their personalities. Just as adults are not perfect, we don’t expect perfection from our children. We do expect parents to support our teachers and administration as we lovingly yet firmly train up children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. If you value a partnership with a school that will uphold high standards, you will do well at Providence.

Parents who value high academic expectations and a Christian work ethic

Our school is generally recognized in the community for the academic standards we uphold. This comes with a standard of work that requires a little more of both parents and students. As the primary educators of their children, parents are called upon to be actively involved with their young children as they do homework, and remain actively involved to ensure diligence as they mature, to prevent frustration from poor study habits. While some families may find it difficult to trade some recreational or entertainment time to focus on academics, our graduates commonly thank us for their training.

While we do have a rigorous work ethic, we plan the daily and weekly homework load carefully so that students may experience a balanced life that includes extra-curricular activities such as athletics, music, and church involvement.

Families who value a broad-based education that shapes the habits of both heart and mind

Some parents want a mainstream education for their children like they had. If you were satisfied with your education – assuming you were educated in a mainstream public or private school – and don’t see any reason to want something different, then you may not find our form of education appealing. Providence represents a different option in purpose, form, and content. From our uniforms, to our study of the great books, to our emphasis on writing and speaking, our ultimate goal is to shape the hearts and minds of our students in a culture of Christian discipleship.

Because classical Christian education sounds like an anomaly in an educational setting focused on pragmatics, those with a background in traditional Western education more quickly identify with the advantages gained in what has been called a “Western liberal arts” education. It is a broad education that provides a foundation in all subjects which allows students to pursue whatever God has called them to at the next level. Providence graduates pursue college studies in a variety of disciplines: computer science, business, engineering, education, ministry, nursing, accounting, and more.

If you are attracted to education that, in addition to providing a broad base of common knowledge, teaches students to think deeply and biblically and to learn to love learning in a positive, Christ-centered environment, you should consider Providence.

Parents who place an emphasis on life-learning, reading, and books

The most consistent success factor for children at Providence Classical Christian School is the learning environment at home. Families who read and love to learn send children to our school because they want the world of language, books, history, science, and math to be an integrated whole. They want their children to use their love of knowledge to explore and seek truth. Families who have many books in their home and that frequently visit a library or bookstore will probably find our value compelling.

Many families, however, come to discover the world of literature and information through their children’s experience at our school. If you would like to develop a love of books, knowledge, and learning in your home, Providence can provide a great start.

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Based on “5 Questions for Families” with permission by fellow ACCS accredited school, The Ambrose School, in Meridian, ID.