A Parent’s Testimonial: Why We Love Providence

Written by Lisa Sandeno on March 10th, 2016

It all started with a postcard.

While homeschooling our very social daughter for grades K-2, we prayed about what we should do next regarding her education.

The answer came in the mail: An invitation to attend the upcoming open house at Providence Classical Christian School.

At first we were skeptical: We had never heard of Providence before, it was 35 minutes away (at that time), and….what the heck was a classical Christian school anyway?

Nine years later the memory of that open house still amuses us. We were, to quote another Providence parent, “blown away” by the students, their presentations, and the methods employed by the school to teach them. The knowledge of history and English grammar the children displayed in their chants, rhymes, and timelines was, well, humbling—even to a couple with post-graduate degrees. The students’ demeanor was also telling: They seemed happy, even joyful, yet disciplined and orderly.

God answered our prayer for direction, and we have not doubted for a minute our decision to enroll our daughter at Providence. She has attended school with wonderful students who increasingly reflect God’s character as they mature. Her teachers have a rigorous academic approach firmly rooted in a Christian worldview. Her schoolmates come from homes where God is consistently honored and loving sacrifice is quietly modeled—often despite very difficult challenges.

In addition to the academic and spiritual blessings our daughter received, we’ve enjoyed cheering on the athletes (PCCS has produced state champions in soccer and state-level competitors in volleyball), watching excellent plays and concerts, and encouraging capable scholars. The Providence debate team has gone on to compete at state and national championships, and over 20 percent of our graduates have been National Commended Scholars or higher–including two semi-finalists in the class of 2016. One National Merit Scholarship winner (David Jekel, PCCS Class of 2011) was named a President’s Medalist at the University of Washington, an honor reserved for the student with the highest academic standing in his or her class at UW.

To have been welcomed into this community has been one of our greatest joys and a boon to our family. If you desire a genuinely Christ-like “family” for your student, with a host of other benefits, we strongly suggest you investigate Providence Classical Christian School.

We’re so glad we did!

By Rustin and Elaine Haft (parents of a Providence student)